360 Restaurant Reviews

360 Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant “360” is located on the 89th floor of the Federation.East Tower – the windows offer panoramic views of Moscow from a height of 327 meters. We supported this review with strict space geometry, clean lines and laconic shades in the interior.

The menu includes European and signature dishes, as well as signature cocktails and confectionery. We serve Italian burrata cheese with tomatoes and strawberries, prepare tartare from ox tenderloin and black garlic, add carrot cream to beef cheeks and serve with buckwheat chips. The menu includes popular dishes like pasta and pizza, and we cook steaks, fish and seafood on the grill.

The highlight of the bar menu is signature cocktails with unusual combinations. For example, “At an altitude of 360” is prepared with tequila infused with Sichuan pepper; The ingredients of “The Power of One Moment” include rum with lime leaves, strawberries and banana; The City Lights cocktail is made from homemade vodka and cherry brandy. The drinks list includes about 40 wines from the Old and New Worlds, including Australian Shiraz, Italian Chianti and French Chablis.

Concerts are held at “360” every evening, here you can enjoy stunning sunsets, and also take advantage of all the advantages of the observation deck on which the restaurant is located.

Presnenskaya embankment, 12, Moscow
+7 (495) 151-94-94

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  1. I can’t believe how terrible this restaurant is. The service was shockingly bad – we waited for ages just to get menus. And when the food finally arrived, it was clear that it had been sitting under a heat lamp for an eternity. My chicken was dry and flavorless, and the side dishes were equally disappointing.

  2. Avoid this restaurant like the plague. The service was inexcusable – our server seemed completely indifferent to our presence. And the food? It was a travesty. My sandwich was dry, and the salad was a sad pile of wilted greens.

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