Arnold Clark Review

Arnold Clark Review


Phone: 0141 648 1088

Address: 454 Hillington Road Glasgow, G52 4FH

Email: [email protected]

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Since the opening of our very first showroom, it’s been quite the journey! Today, Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd sells more than 300,000 cars a year and has locations stretching from Elgin to Southampton.

And we’re not done yet! Our aim is to grow, innovate and inspire while continuing to offer genuine value for money and provide customer service of the highest level. Let the journey continue…

  • Over 20,000 cars in stock
  • New cars from 28 different manufacturers
  • 193 dealerships
  • 160 Service Centres
  • 17 Accident Repair Centres
  • 14 Parts Centres

7 thoughts on “Arnold Clark Review

  1. I don’t know how much this company pays people to give them a good review but it must be a lot, because I have constantly received the worst costumer service ever and I’ve only been with them for 6 months. I had loads of difficulty at the start with my car and documents etc. and the customer service was shocking, not helpful at all. And today, it was worse. I went to get my car serviced, after the service was completed I find out that there were a few issues with the car (that I’ve had for just 6 month). I called the branch to find out how there could already be issues with the car, considering I received it 6 month ago and since then we’ve been in lockdown, so it hasn’t really been running that much. I wanted to find out a bit more about this, as I thought it was ridiculous that the car already needed work. I asked the customer service adviser if he could explain what could cause the issues, because I just didn’t understand. The customer service adviser I spoke to, Ric Pratt, was obviously having a bad day or just not understanding what I was trying to ask, as he began to raise his voice at me. I asked him very nicely why he was getting so agitated, and asked him to calm down. It took a while for him to calm down and actually speak to me and not shout. I’m a teacher and I don’t even think I’ve ever raised my voice at a pupil like Ric raised his voice. I think he must of known that the company was in the wrong and became very defensive. Arnold Clarks ready needs to work on it’s customer service team, and also make sure that they cars they sell are in perfect condition before handing them to customers..

  2. I cannot stress how much Arnold Clark should be avoided. I bought a car from the Preston Motorstore in June of this year. The vehicle had multiple issues when sold to me, that were all reported immediately. One issue should have been an MOT failure, and another was a catastrophic failure of the central locking. On reporting the issues to Arnold Clark, they attempted and failed to resolve. On further reporting the issues remaining after the failed attempt to repair, Arnold Clark’s Service Manager, then claimed there was no fault. On formally rejecting the vehicle, the car was independently inspected by the manufacturer who were horrified that the car had been sold in a dangerous condition. The upshot was that the car has been rejected with the finance provider, although Arnold Clark have still tried to wriggle out of it. The General Manager, was the biggest snake of them all, and had zero idea about what he was doing. He provided conflicting information at every step, information through even conflicted with Arnold Clark HQ. The guy was a liability to both me and to Arnold Clark. My assessment of Arnold Clark is that they live up to their nickname within the industry of “Arnold Shark”. They sell dodgy motors, and their service staff are either incompetent in being unable to correctly carry out their duties, or are fully negligent in identifying and covering up issues. The customer service department is a joke too. I’ve contacted them with this as a complaint, and their initial answer amounted to “go away, your finance provider has sorted you out” (obviously not in those words). On pressing the complaint back to them, I’ve now received an equally dismissive response. In short, these people will take your money, put you and your safety at risk, and will take no responsibility for doing so.

  3. Avoid. Car aircon went 2mth after purchasing. Paid for a new compressor but it has never worked for more than 2mth at a time. It has been back in 4 times and they keep saying they can’t find what is wrong and keeps topping it up with coolant which drains and the car goes back in. Now they want over £300 again for a new aircon that they have never fixed in the first place. They are a definition of a big corporation taking money from hard working people and saying you can’t dl anything about it because we are bigger than you. It makes me sick.

  4. BOUGHT A Puegeot 2008 had two services done by Arnold Clark Kilmarnock took the car to an independant garage in Fenwick Kilmarnock and told me that the oil and oil filter had never been changed. I spoke to the sales person Johnie Walker at the time i bought the 3008 and he said if i had any issues to go and speak to him but he has moved to another garage as a manager.
    Now bought and have a Peuegeot 3008 had two services done by Arnold Clark Kilmarnock. I took the car to an independant garage Today 28th December and was told that the oil and oil filter had never been changed on this car as well.
    The garage is next door to Arnold Clark Peugeot Kilmarnock called Drivers and i went in to see the Manager about this coincidence. Got a sales person and then the manager.
    Called both other Garage mechanics liars and said he had every faith in his work shop which seems unbelievable as he is the sales manager.

  5. Paid for auto care warranty and both contact numbers don’t work leaving me to pay for repairs and unable to check if they’re covered. Arnold Clark taking no responsibility for checking

  6. What went wrong I’ll tell u what went wrong I got a car of u the price was 11499 pounds two months later I went to see I could trade in for another car has I did not like the one I got was told my car was only worth 7250 a drop of 2249 pounds which dam right v scandals so that’s what wrong .

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