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FORTUNE-TRADE is a group of financial and cryptocurrency experts that invest in mining and cryptocurrency trading.

 We carefully examine the volatility of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, invest and make good profit from our investments.

FORTUNE-TRADE is a successful online trading and investment platform for brokers interested in Foreign Exchange, Stock Market Trading, and Cryptocurrency Trading. We give our users the potential to generate financial returns on both rising and falling prices across indices, FX, commodities, shares and cryptocurrencies. 

We strive to help our clients make the most out of online trading by assisting them to access liquidity and manage risk effectively. Our comprehensive technology, state-of-the-art security encryption, and unparalleled network allow us to deliver an unforgettable trading experience.

Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they’re not financial experts or lack time or both is a long term investment program, backed up by cryptocurrency markets.

 Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.

Investing can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Sometimes managing an investment is daunting due to the uncertainty and volatility of the market, as well as the time investment needed to be successful, with us you don’t need to be an expert to build your own digital wealth. going to be the most popular and trustable company which providing to investors reliable and highly profitable investment around the globe because we use the latest industry-standard tools and technologies to bring the world of online trading and investment to your fingertips. Access multichart layout, technical analysis – and lots more. Get everything you want on the device of your choice!


  1. Fortrade has not been withdrawing funds for more than a month, support simply does not respond, they say in the chat that this is not for us, the manager writes that the withdrawal does not work, and why it does not work is not clear

  2. I opened an account with Fortrade a couple of years ago. They gave me an analyst to help me, who accompanied my transactions. The first couple of pieces for testing were short-term, such as opened a couple of minutes and closed it, and oops, I’m in the black. Then there were a little longer deals, we didn’t open a lot and agreed to call, but silence passed for a day, the second third, and so on, this bastard did not get in touch. Wrote in those support said that he was given information from me. And just like that, while I was waiting for him, $ 2,500 flew into the minus. Then, recently, this dude writes to me on Skype like hello, let’s continue work. I thought I’d break my laptop out of anger

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