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About company:

We provide the best-in-class services for individuals who have been defrauded by unregulated investment platforms

We continue to develop successful investigative techniques, and world-class legal relationships, earning the trust and respect of our clients. We establish long-term relationships with some of the best attorneys in the realm of financial fraud.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most reliable and efficient services, without compromising on quality or safety. We also aim to prove our quality skills, fair prices and customer care, so that we continue our business relationship for many years, beyond the first job we complete.

Core Values

  • Consider honesty as the key to a business’ trustworthiness and integrity.
  • Always do the right thing to solve the customer’s problem.
  • Perform all work with the highest level of excellence in mind.

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  1. I want to share my experience of contacting the Global Recovery company for help in collecting debts that they offer. Their, to put it mildly, incorrect act in relation to our company outraged and forced us to write this review – “a cry from the heart.” Initially, representatives of the Global Recovery company were informed that our debtor was initiating bankruptcy proceedings against himself in order to avoid paying multiple debts. However, this information was ignored, which in itself is strange when it comes to practicing and competent lawyers. We were assured with full confidence that every effort would be made to repay the debt as soon as possible. Four months later, Alexander Ryazantsev, a representative of the Global Recovery company, finally confirmed that bankruptcy proceedings are underway against our debtor. We had to agree to the terms of this company and agree to pay monthly for legal support in the debtor’s bankruptcy proceedings. After another three months, we were billed in the amount of 35,000 rubles. for filing a claim for inclusion in the register of debtors. And that’s it… These unfortunate lawyers did not take any other actions. Accordingly, no one returned the debt to us!

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