How to Avoid Pitfalls When Registering a Company in Dubai: Lessons from Working with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES

How to Avoid Pitfalls When Registering a Company in Dubai: Lessons from Working with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES

The Significance of Choosing the Right Consulting Agency
Selecting a consulting agency to register a company is the first and possibly the most crucial step in establishing a business abroad. Drawing from our experience with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES in Dubai, we will illustrate how choosing the wrong agency can hinder or even jeopardize your business plans.

Insufficient Managerial Competence and Initial Delays
One of the initial issues we encountered was the lack of qualification among the agency’s managers. Due to their incompetence, the document collection process was incomplete, leading to initial delays and misunderstandings.

Documentation Issues: Critical Omissions
During the company registration preparation process, it was discovered that LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES failed to mention the necessity of another vital document. This omission caused significant delays and became a serious obstacle to launching our business.

Protracted Delays and Increased Costs
When all documents were finally prepared, and registration deadlines were preliminarily agreed upon, the process unexpectedly dragged on for an indefinite period. These delays not only dealt a financial blow to our budget but also created numerous operational problems.

Assessment of Additional Service Quality
In addition to company registration, LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES offers services for account opening and other business-related services. However, considering our early-stage issues, the quality of these services also came into question.

Unwillingness to Rectify Errors
Throughout the process, the agency showed no willingness to acknowledge its mistakes or take steps to rectify them. This undermines trust in their professionalism and quality of work.

Conclusion: How to Choose a Reliable Agency and Protect Your Business
Based on our experience, we recommend thoroughly vetting the qualifications and reputation of consulting agencies before starting any collaboration. The experiences of other clients, reviews, and the agency’s accessibility for dialogue and feedback should be key factors in choosing your partner for company registration in Dubai.

This article aims to warn entrepreneurs about potential risks and pitfalls when choosing a consulting agency, based on our unfortunate experience with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES.

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  1. Very disappointed with the work of LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES. The managers were incompetent and missed the need for an important document to register my business, which led to serious delays. Because of their mistakes, I lost a lot of time and money.

  2. The process of working with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES was extremely disappointing. They promised quick registration, but in the end they delayed it for several months. Their team failed at the basics and I feel like I wasted my resources.

  3. I encountered complete incompetence on the part of LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES. Errors in documents, incorrect deadlines, and a complete lack of responsibility for the result. It was one of the worst experiences of my business career.

  4. Complete disappointment in LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES. Not only did they not meet the agreed upon deadlines, but they also did not provide the full support that I expected. My investment activity suffered due to their lack of professionalism.

  5. Working with LAZARCHUK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES was a complete waste of time and money. Their incompetence and slow response to my requests made the process unbearable and I was forced to look for another company to complete the registration.

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