Warning about working with consulting agency Incona in Dubai

Warning about working with consulting agency Incona in Dubai

Expectations vs. Reality When Choosing a Consulting Agency
When choosing a consulting agency to register a company in Dubai, many entrepreneurs expect a high level of professionalism and efficiency. However, our experience with Incona has shown that even seemingly reputable agencies can seriously disappoint.

Lack of Competence and Initial Document Issues
The first red flag in our collaboration with Incona was the insufficient attention to detail in the document collection process. Due to the manager’s incompetence, a necessary document for registration was missed, leading to initial delays and complications.

Protracted Registration Process: When Patience is Tested
Even after all documents were prepared and registration deadlines were preliminarily agreed upon, the registration process unexpectedly dragged on. What was supposed to take weeks turned into months of uncertainty and financial losses.

Evaluation of Additional Incona Services
Incona offers a wide range of services, including account opening and business consulting; however, our experience has shown that the quality of these services leaves much to be desired. Inadequate qualifications and a lack of proper service level led to additional costs and disappointment.

Agency’s Unwillingness to Address Issues
One of the most disappointing aspects of working with Incona was their reluctance to acknowledge and rectify their mistakes. Despite numerous complaints and appeals, the agency failed to take adequate steps to remedy the situation, leaving us with unsatisfied needs and financial losses.

Conclusion: How to Avoid Such Mistakes When Choosing an Agency
When selecting a consulting agency to register a company, it is important to thoroughly research its reputation, reviews from other clients, and the level of professionalism of its staff. Do not hesitate to ask questions and demand clarity in every aspect of the services provided. Your attention to detail can prevent many problems and save you from unnecessary expenses.

This article is written in the hope of warning future clients about potential pitfalls when collaborating with consulting agencies like Incona and emphasizing the importance of carefully choosing your business partner in Dubai.

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  1. Contacting Incona to register my company was a complete disappointment. Managers showed a complete lack of understanding of the processes, which is why an important document was missed and the registration process was delayed for several months. Their reluctance to correct errors and uncertain deadlines created a lot of problems for me.

  2. I am sincerely disappointed with Incon’s service. Instead of the promised efficiency and professionalism, I was faced with chaos, errors and incredibly slow solutions to simple problems. I strongly do not recommend their services for serious business projects.

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