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About company

Who We are

The journey of Link Financial Limited began in 2001 when a group of passionate individuals came together to launch their first joint product. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded its global reach, working with thousands of traders worldwide to help them succeed in building their businesses.

With years of expertise, our goal at Link Financial Limited is to offer our clients a technologically advanced and feature-rich trading platform. We prioritize security, striving to provide the highest levels of online security for our users.

Our platform offers a wide range of digital currencies for trading, including lesser-known cryptocurrencies, giving our users access to a global market and more opportunities to capitalize on.


  1. Recently, I often come across this broker from various bloggers. It has been directly forced lately, but believing bloggers is a disastrous business. I would like to consult on the account of this intermediary with real customers. Are there any here? If there is, then respond, please) Or is everyone still looking at this agent?)

  2. If you are trained in trading, then you can earn money, but I would not advise this broker for beginners. As for me, a sophisticated terminal. This is not my first experience, so personally, after a month of cooperation, I withdrew $ 3,000, I consider this an excellent income. Of course, there are minor difficulties with the withdrawal of funds, I would like to receive my money during the day, and not three) Well, this is already it. If this is not a minus for you, then you can safely choose Link Financial Limited!

  3. This broker is really worth paying attention to! But they just don’t have much support … The guys seemed rude to me, but I don’t like that. But in general, the conditions are quite favorable, you can try to work with Link Financial Limited. As I withdraw the first profit, I will share a more detailed review!

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