Moscow Event Reviews

Moscow Event Reviews

This company made it into the top 10 event agencies in Moscow thanks to its creativity and attention to each client. When organizing events, the team aims to create a favorable emotional environment for the growth and success of your business. Each event is created according to the TCS Task – Creative – Success principle.

+7 (495) 481 22 33
Moscow, st. Raspletina, 12k1, office 417/418

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  1. This event agency not only overpromised but also severely underdelivered. Despite assurances of a top-quality event, the reality fell far short of expectations. The venue was unprepared, the decorations were shabby and lacked finesse, and the overall experience was a far cry from the excellence promised. It was a letdown that left a lasting negative impression, and I would advise others to carefully consider their options before engaging this particular agency.

  2. Hiring this event agency for a product launch turned out to be a complete failure. The marketing materials provided were unprofessional and failed to convey a clear message. The event itself lacked the impact and execution necessary to make a positive impression on potential customers. It was a disappointment for both my brand and those who attended, and I would strongly caution against considering this agency for any future product launches.

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